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Posted by: paul leclerc on 22 Oct 2014.
Date of Visit: 2 Aug 2014

Bike Park

Like Highland Mountain Creek is a Jumpers and Freeriders park.  You are either on totally machined trails full of stutter and breaking bumps or rocky, blocky blown out natural trails. Nothing in between.  Lift is quick - you load yourself and stand with the bike - no sitting, which would be nice between runs to relax.  Plenty of wood features and table top jumps, with very verticle faces (it would be nice to hit a few that weren't so steep and just get distance instead of height and catch the back side).  Parking is very far from lift.  Summer is jammed with Water Park patrons.  Tickets were the most expensive I've paid.  No fast pure DH runs - with manageqble tech that will not kill you or your bike.    

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