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Chairlift Confessions: Aaron Chase

Aaron Chase - Chairlift Confessions

Aaron Chase is a freeride mountain bike legend.  For the most part that’s true—about Aaron, but we hear the word legend thrown around a lot.  To us, he’s more of a champion of the freeride mountain bike movement.  And, at the tender age of 38, he’s still going strong, globetrotting, having fun, riding his bike, and living his dream.  From his beginnings as a sponsored downhill racer, to winning big-time freeride competitions, starring in freeride films, designing freeride courses, and now partnering with two of the biggest names in adventure sports, RedBull & GoPRO.  Aaron is creating super popular mountain-bike video content that is captivating, amusing, informative, and relevant to his audience.  We have no doubt that he will continue to evolve and contribute immensely to this sport that we love for many years to come.  


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