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Tuesday Trails: Black Jack

Tuesday Trails: Black Jack

It's a "trippy" landscape, high above the valley of the sun. Surrounded by over 4 million Phoenicians, you will feel magically removed from humanity, the giant saguaro cacti will be your only sentinels. Consistent with the pirate theme in the area (e.g., Bootlegger & Rumrunner), "Black Jack" has no rival for gnar, steeps, and features. Yes, we did say features! There are a few signicant rock drops and alternate lines leading to gap jumps. If you're feeling especially 'magical' on your bike, then have a go at the iconic "Saguaro Squeeze" gap jump (built by yours truly). It's the ultimate way to finish this incredibly unique and challenging trail!  

After a strenuous and technical climb, this is the drop-in, which includes a rare wood-ladder-bridge across an otherwise unrideable section of gnar. Providing a really cool contrast, the ladder bridge is painted a deep red color. We appreciate the effort it took to make that bridge a reality.

This drop is not huge (~6ft.), but it's a commitment because you'll be going mach-speed immediately into the turn. Duncan Nason (Junior Pro Enduro Racer) made it look easy on his first try. Mere mortals, like myself, will only make it 50% of the time. That's why I armor-up for "Black Jack" and you probably should too!

Elbows in on this one! We haven't yet seen or heard of anyone getting stabbed by the "Saguaro Squeeze", but there's only about a dozen riders that we know of who've tried it. If you've sent it, let us know, and we'll add you to the list we have going for the honorary members of the "Saguaro Squeeze Club"!




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