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Chairlift Confessions: Ben Agosto & Merrie Schultz

Chairlift Confessions

Balance, coordination, agility, power, flexibility, and spatial awareness, are all attributes that modern day Mountain Bikers — and, um — Figure Skaters have in common? Dare we say that the Figure Skaters probably have us mountain bikers beat. They are, after all, doing aerial acrobatics while sliding across a sheet of ice on less than 5 millimeter wide metal skates. These two athletes that you are about to hear from in this podcast are world-class figure skaters, and they also happen to love mountain biking. They are personal friends of ours, and we think they have an amazing story to tell. Enjoy! 

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Have you heard of the “The Barrel Trail” in St. George U.T.?

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Show notes:

The 8-Mile

Whistler Bike Park

Lunch Loops Grand Junction, C.O. (The bike shop we recommend

2006 Olympics

What is entomology?

Who Farted?

The Body Farm

The Shewee


Simon Lawton ‘Fluidride

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