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Part II: Welcome WBP Ambassadors

Welcome ambassadors part II

Here is PART II: We are stoked to introduce you to our next set of amazing shredders. From as far north and wide as Ontario to British Columbia and as far south as Utah and Texas, these guys love to ride park. You might recognize the twins from 2015. They are little bit older and a little bit rowdier!!  

Part I Here

Chad Judd

It is hard to put what I love about mountain biking into a few words but I'll do my best.

About me, I'm old but I haven't realized it yet.  Started mountain biking in the late 90's, just locally in the Houston area.  Over time my passion for it faded to the point that I would only get the bike out maybe once every couple of months.  Then in 2010 I brought my bike with me on a trip we took to Colorado.  On a relax day for the family, I took the bike out for a ride on some trails the local shop told me about.  That was the only ride I did that trip.  But once I got home, I couldn't stop thinking about it and I couldn't stay off my bike.  I was constantly dreaming of my next biking adventure and where it would take me. 

In 2012 I made my first trip to a bike park.  My son was 9 at the time, and his first time on a mountain bike.  Trestle blew our minds and we kept going back.  We tried out a few other parks as well.  In the off season, I dabbled in some XC racing.  My results were pretty decent but I just didn't fit in with the lycra crowd, seemed nobody was there to have fun.  At the end of 2015 XC season I heard about this race called Enduro that was going on and thought I would check it out.  After all, I loved gravity.  That first enduro race was a whole other world from XC.  I made so many friends that race that I am still close to today.  The following year I forgot XC and raced the entire Enduro series.  Every race was awesome new terrain I had never seen before.  Seemed everyone there was just happy to be on a bike having a good time.  That's what it's all about.

That same year, spring of 2016 we bought a condo in Angel Fire, I still can't believe it.  My goal for that year was to be able to ride every trail in the park.  I saved the worst trail till closing day.  My first attempt through The Graveyard [trail] took an offering on the rocks.  But my next go at it, I had accomplished my goal. For the next season, I knew a downhill bike was in order.  Spent the winter on the new DH build and kept shredding through 2017.

So in short, mountain biking is my escape.  It's my adventure.  It's pushing my boundaries.  It teaches me about myself and what I am capable of. It's getting lost in the beauty of the forest. It is friendships and relationships.  It's campfires and beer.  It's quality time with my son.  It's life lessons explained in dirt.

Alex and Luke:

We are the10-year-old Mallen Twins, Luke and Alex, from Sandy, Utah! We have been riding primarily bike park since we were 4 1/2 years old, and now outride both of our parents. We learned how to send it at the (now dismantled) Canyons Bikepark and Deer Valley Resort. Currently, we ride all over with our mom and dad, friends and teammates from the Outlaw Bike Team Our favorite style of riding is bike park, but love to race and hit the dirt jumps as well. We have had a pretty awesome year so far. We have been asked to join the Commencal ( Bikes Rider Development Jr. Cartel Team, currently the youngest kids to have been asked  to participate in a program like this. We also like to jostle around on the podium. At Sea Otter Classic, Alex won the downhill and placed 2nd in the Dual Slalom, where Luke came in 3rd in the Downhill and was knocked out in 9th at the Dual Slalom. We also compete in our local Utah Gravity Series races, also ending up on the podium with some wicked fast times.

We are looking forward to the rest of the summer lineup with a few weeks at Whistler Bikepark to compete in Crankworx/Kidworx, some trips back to Keystone and Trestle Bike Park, as well as racing in our first PROGRT races and of course Rampage/Grompage! We are gratefully supported by Leatt Protectives ( , Demon United (, Magura USA ( , Kenda MTB (, Sp2Life (  and Commencal Bikes ( We are really stoked to be ambassadors for as riding park and sharing our sport of freeride downhill with anyone we can is our favorite thing to do! Give us a follow on Instagram @thosemallentwins to keep up with our shenanigans! 

(They were even awesome back then)

Anthony Butt

Growing up in Northern Ontario in the heart of the Canadian Shield, Anthony never had to look far to find some serious single track fun. By the time walking was mastered, his parents put two wheels under his feet and the rest was history. Riding bikes was something that kept him (mostly) out of trouble and was a good excuse to travel around Ontario looking for the best XC and Enduro trails to ride.

Fast forward to present day, Anthony has been riding for over 20 years and recently shifted towards downhill riding and racing in Canada’s bike capital, British Columbia. A love of flow trails mixed with BC’s terrain has progressed him into an avid tech admirer that gets overly excited when dropping into double black trails and root filled sections.

Whistler, Canada is where Anthony calls homes these days and can be found pedaling up world class trail networks by day and cruising twilight laps in the Whistler Bike Park by night. Are you visiting Whistler? If you happen to hear someone hollering way too much or making really bad impersonations of Australians, say hello, it’s probably him!

Dave Dropping Down (no time to write too busy riding bikes)

Based in St Catharines Ontario. Love any type of bikes:  downhill, dj, and yes a dabble of road.  Did my first race this season and i am hooked. 

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