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Chairlift Confessions: Alessia Missiaggia

Chairlift Confessions Alessia Missiaggia

More often these days, young women have been participating and thriving in ‘extreme action sports’. Alessia is a prime example of this changing cultural attitude, whereby it has become a more admirable pursuit that can potentially lead to a successful career (e.g., Rachel Atherton).  Alessia is a 17-year-old, downhill— mountain bike racer from Italy. She just recently won the Junior UCI Downhill World Championship Race in Val di Sole (regarded as one of the more demanding races on the circuit). In a sport where fractions of a second often mean the difference between 1st & 2nd, Alessia’s 11-second margin of victory was even more impressive. We catch up with this amazing athlete to find out what it’s like to rocket down some of the worlds most challenging mountainous terrain.      

Alessia Missiaggia Show Notes:

Italy to Nova Scotia

Before the love of Downhill Mountain Biking you’ll never guess what she was doing.

Who WiNs by 11 sec?

What does she miss the most since leaving Italy?

If you want to become a professional racer find out why international racing is important.

What is the hardest track she has ever raced…listen and find out!

Shout out to Alessia’s classmates!! 

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