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Chairlift Confessions: Lee McCormack

Lee McCormack

There may be much easier ways to make a living, but if your greater purpose is reflected in your passion for the sport, then success can only be achieved through the action of inspiring others.  Lee McCormack has, throughout his career in the mountain bike industry, done just that!  His sincere intent to help others and simplify the complicated has produced the definitive guide Mastering Mountain Bike Skills,,, and the new RipRow™ training device.  Over the last 14 years, thousands of mountain bikers of all skill levels have greatly benefited from Lee’s advice and coaching.  We are so excited to share this insightful podcast interview with our listeners. 

Show Notes:

Find out what movie triggered Lee to leave the corporate world behind.

Books: Mastering Mountain Bike Skills

            PRO BMX Skills

            Welcome To Pump Track Nation 

            Teaching Mountain Bike Skills

            Pump Up The Base

            Prepare To Pin It

            F6 Six moves to build your foundation

Want to know what the “Grand Unified Theory Of Shredding” is, listen and find out

Rider Area Distance – the R.A.D.

We also talk about:

Dropper posts

Handlebar width

Body position

Pulling strength with narrower bars – it may not be what you think

Clipless vs. flat pedals

Skinny people

And your most badass self

“Mountain biking is supposed to be fun, don’t be a dick about it”

Pedal agnostic

What’s the hardest thing Lee has ever done in his life?

Ever been to Bootleg Canyon?

Who’s your loser?

And of course we finish up with a good old fashion story about urine  

Having fun, looking good and feeling protected all because of these guys!


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