Kelly McGarry

"You have created a MONSTER...!"

Tuesday Trails

"You have created a MONSTER, and it will destroy you!"—FRANKENSTEIN (1931)  Our sources tell us that the "GREEN MONSTER" trail in Whistler Valley was the creation of a man who is originally from Boston, Massachusetts. He named the trail after his beloved RedSox baseball team and their (12 meters high) left field wall at Fenway Park. We regard this mysterious trail builder as an evil genious! The "Green Monster" is a masterpiece of many, many, meters high, giant rock-slabs that will put fear in your heart and a smile on your face...if it does not destroy you! 

Rider: Adin Daneker on one of many Monster rock slabs, dropping in.

These slabs are so much fun! We could ride this trail all day long...if it weren't for the steep grind up the double-track to access the trailhead.

It's not all about the steep slabs on "Green Monster".  It has some steep steps too! This group of riders had a little OTB incident on the last big step. Luckily, the rider wasn't seriously hurt.


Adin Daneker living the dream in Whistler!




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