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Chairlift Confessions: Episode #2 Steve Storey

Chairlift Confessions

(Photo credit: Justa Jeskova)

Welcome back everybody to Chairlift Confessions. Episode #2. This is a new podcast dedicated to park riders and racers whom you know and love to follow. We also will be interviewing unique people in the industry with interesting stories to share. We aim to entertain and make you feel like you are here hanging out with us. We’ll try every week to give you a heads about whom we will be interviewing. So, if you have questions for our interviewees you can easily write in to us and be part of the show. email us at  If you haven’t checked out our youtube channel yet head on over and see the interviewees playing trivia games and having some fun with us. If you have any crazy ideas or games that you want to see performed on our Youtube channel we want to hear from you!

In our second interview we kick it with a Whistler local Steve Storey. He’s a mountain bike downhiller, but he’s also an accomplished mountain bike racer, freerider, trail builder, adventure traveler and writer. Steve is one of the team riders for Knolly Bikes, out of Vancouver, BC.  And, we’re excited to delve into this man’s world and understand how it is that he’s able to live the mountain bike dream.

(Photo credit: Justa Jeskova)

Show Notes:

Where in the world is Delta B.C.?

Ever heard of breakfast tacos? 

Amazing photographer Justa Jeskova

FaceBook Fan Page - (like it!)
Instagram- @justajeskova
Check out Vince Emond videos 'Stane Productions' -
This is the video based on Steve's last trail building project, Roca Verde and Salsa Verde

(Steve Storey - Salsa Verde from Chromag)

Vaya Bien - The video based on his last trip to Central America to ride and explore Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador

(Vaya Bien from sheGNARnigans)

If you haven't already read the full feature article about his trip to Honduras check it out (Here

Most recent edit - Knolly Bikes 2016 Endorphin

(Knolly Bikes Endorphin 2016 from Knolly Bikes)

...and really if you just can't get enough: 

Find Steve:

FaceBook Athlete Page -

Instagram - @steve_storey

Twitter - @stevestorey_mtb

Keep your eyes open for the next mountain bike travle movie - Thanks to Mountain Equipment Co-Op

(Photo credit: Justa Jeskova)

Just a few more things...

Green Lake Blvd. OTB...that's not a trail...just to listen to the podcast to find out what happened.

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If this is your fist time here well, you’ve only missed one episode! So make sure you go back and check out our shenanigans with Mopheus rider Dakotah Norton.





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